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Default Re: ePSXe Problem

> What bluff? I never claimed to know anything about the
> hardware of psx. If something works for me, I can suggest it
> for someone else. I see nothing wrong with that. And I
> wasn't being sarcastic either. If you know your shit, and it
> seems that you do, you could use some of the vast knowledge
> to help someone out.

Well, jeez. This is like the nth time in the past week someone's said something that sounded sarcastic but in fact wasn't. This is why I hate communicating via text. <img src=smilies/retard.gif>

Anyway, I'd have helped the guy out, but by the time I viewed the thread, people had already suggested to rip the CDs into disk images anyway, which is probably the best way to go about it. Heck, I tried my best to help in the LLE vs. HLE thread. <img src=smilies/thumb.gif>

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