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Default Re: Final Fantasy I & II Advance

> So yeah, FF1&2A (J) was just dumped and I started to play
> it. Here's the question: I don't remember there being any
> cave on the way north from Corneria to the Temple of Fiends.
> I have provided a couple of screenshots...anyone know what
> this is?

I first found out some details when a thread at Acmlm's board was made back in April. I then followed that to this and cave looks like the new addition. If I had to guess, kill Lich and come back. See what happens. Otherwise, kill all four fiends and gain access to the time gate and then see what happens.

> This is a tad north of Corneria

They don't even try to hide it? <img src=smilies/banghead.gif>

> This is a statue in said cave...looks a bit like Lich but I
> can't tell for sure.

Yeah, that's definately Lich all right... <img src=smilies/eek13.gif>

> Just a battle screen ;P

That looks normal from what I can tell.

Thanks for the info Narvick, now I gotta look for this. <img src=smilies/laff.gif>

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