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Default Re: Here's a suggestion

> What we need is a fresh design and decent CMS system. So
> far everyone who has "volunteered" has failed to produce
> anything even close to a product fit for testing and
> evaluation.

While it may seem that I've gone the way of every other "volunteer," I'm still around. My problem, though, is that I've been thinking and brainstorming and simply can't come up with a good design that would be worthy of everything ZD is (was?).

I was talking to my brother about it, though (XiP), and we agreed that the problem with ZD is that it tried to be too big. If redesigned, I'd like to propose that it be a site with many sub-domains.

For instance, instead of being the massive hub for everything, there should be,,,,, or something of the sort. That way, we could have people who are interested in one area of emulation specifically working on that section. Because they'd only be doing news and contributing in an area that they're interested in, they wouldn't get burnt out. Then, the main page could have general emulation news, perhaps, and link to all the rest. I guess it'd end up being similar to slashdot, where you have your main site, but then each individual subdomain specializes in specifically that topic.

I think that if we did this, we'd find that it's a lot easier to run the site, it'd be more lively, and then instead of being average in every area, each section could excel in its one area, thus making the entire site excel in every area.

Doing something like this would require a flexible design in which everything can be done with css, and it'd probably be a large undertaking to get it up and running, but the key here is to do things one step at a time. First design the main page, then clean up the code, then put as many things into css as possible so as to make it cross-browser compatible, then worry about the CMS.

Again, this is only what I've been thinking. Maybe I'm dreaming too big, but I really think it can happen. Maybe I'll try to seriously start thinking of a design after finals this week, but until then I'll monitor the forums now and again.

- Brian
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