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Default Re: Here's a suggestion

> I wonder how many people are volunteering to help bring this
> site back.. Honestly, I would, if I had the time, and trust
> of the staff here. That and the know-how. I'm no
> hacker/programmer, so I wouldn't be able to contribute much.

What we need is a fresh design and decent CMS system. So far everyone who has "volunteered" has failed to produce anything even close to a product fit for testing and evaluation.

I keep my options open...I'll entertain anything so long as it's not vaporware, which, unfortunately, is 95% of what we've heard. Other 5% are bad, non-functional, amateur looking designs with no CMS system.

I wish Wordpress had a CMS plugin to handle a ton of files...I'd put that online tomorrow if it did. Then it'd be easy to add people to contribute.
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