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Default Re: SNES NTSC Video Filter

> That shouldn't make any difference unless your CPU is made
> of ass and poo. Running ZSNES with this filter doesn't even
> make my Pentium M shift out of its lowest speed (798MHz)
> whereas BSNES would make it jump to 2GHz

Yes, because that's the only explanation for it... <img src=smilies/upeyes.gif>

It couldn't have had anything to do with me running dual monitors, having other things running in the background, the game I chose for testing, or anything else that could explain it dropping a frame here and there.

Anyway... turning the auto frameskip to 0 did seem make a difference when I tried it again. There's still a slight flickering around the edges of some things, but that actually looks like it is intentional to mimic the slight flickering you'll get on an actual TV.

Once again, nice job with the filter blargg, but I'll probably rarely use it since I personally prefer the look of other filters.
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