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Default Re: SNES NTSC Video Filter

> Maybe it's just my PC or a problem in this build of ZSNES

> (it is a test build after all), but there seems to be a lot

> of "pixel dancing" going on [...]

It's a refresh rate issue. Someone needs to write a nice epileptic-seizure-inducing ROM that inverts the screen every frame so you can see whether your monitor's refresh rate is correct (perfectly even flickering) or incorrect (flickering pulsates over time). That's the problem almost everyone is encountering.

> The still shots posted earlier look decent for reproducing

> the TV effect though. I'll probably not end up using it

> anyway, as I actually prefer a "cleaner" image that

> emulation can provide over a TV set.

Try the filter again once a "merge fields" option has been added to the user interface. That will eliminate the flicker and give you what one of my earlier screenshots in this thread gives (the right image from the one with the even + odd = merged examples).
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