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Default Re: SNES NTSC Video Filter

> Today I had an idea of how the SNES NTSC composite video
> output might work. After a couple of hours I've got output
> very close to what my video capture gets from a SNES.
> Apparently it's very similar to the NES.

You know, when I heard about this, I thought to myself "This is dumb. Who would want crappy NTSC quality video when we can play our old games on monitors now?" while acknowledging what a technical feat this is. Then I played with it, and it was just...DAMN COOL. It looks like my freakin' TV! Mine was a little noiser than this, but it's par for the course for most NTSC TVs. Anyways, here's a drunken SNES loving thank you for this cool thing you've made, and a congratulation for your awesome avatar.
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