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Default Re: SNES NTSC Video Filter

> In our performance tests before adding the NTSC code to
> bsnes, SSE2 code generation hardly affect the speed; maybe
> it is important for something other than the NTSC filter. No
> matter, I've released the NTSC code so builds of other
> less-intensive SNES emulators should appear soon.

SSE2 support increases performance of bsnes as a whole by >=15% on Athlon 64 processors. The effect is negligible on P4 processors.

Ultimately, I'm going to need separate releases. One with SSE2, one without, and one with the debugger and polymorphic classes enabled. Hooray, bandwidth.

As far as the SNES NTSC filter, it is needed for proper hires color math. The TV has some interesting blending properties and this filter emulates them correctly unlike the hacks used in current emulators (hires is unfiltered, pseudo-hires is just blended to half the resolution, ZSNES has no pseudo-hires support).
As a result, pseudo-hires is finally emulated correctly in games like Jurassic Park and Kirby's Dreamland 3.

And for those that hate it, that's why there's HQ2x support

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