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Default Re: SNES NTSC Video Filter

> I hate playing on my TV because there's always a sort of
> ghosting going around. It's not the system's fault; I assume
> it's due to the crappy RF signal I always got. While I
> enjoyed playing in my youth, these days those graphics are
> distracting. Maybe I'm just picky.

I use composite video and I've always seen some faint diagonal lines fairly loosely spaced, that change speed slowly, and it annoys me too. Not as much as the blocky pixels on an emulator, though; things just look too crisp and chunky on emulators. For other systems like the NES, using an NTSC video filter brings out subtle effects where dithering is used on back background, while the SNES has enough colors that this is less of an issue. Several weeks ago I had even written that it probably wasn't worth implementing for the SNES. No video filter is superior, but it is fun to be making one that so closely resembles a TV (and is still efficient). I do share the opinion that video captured composite video looks like crap.
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