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> > Yay for piracy. Stupid pirates.
> I really hate the GBA ROM scene, it's all about getting the
> games for free. I'm sure it's the same for a lot of people
> who emulate NES, SNES, and Genesis games, *snip*

iirc i think it was the driving force behind snes and nes emulation. homebrew code is great and all, but if there was no interest in making an emulator there wouldn't be enough data available or a place that wouldn't damage actual hardware. honestly, i think its for the good and bad. i cant say i support nintendo's views, but i still own the revisions of the gameboy. (gb, gbpocket, gbc, gba, gbasp, and now the DS) and while i do own a flash cart, i find myself playing games more like pocketnes and the like, because the games are actually fun. let alone i can fit 30 games or so in the space of 8mb. =)

eh, without pirates, i dont know how advanced some of the homebrews would be. not like there are many professional quality homebrew out there but the point still stands.
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