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Default Re: What's your favorite emulator(s)?

> That's part of the problem. Instead of retooling the
> software, you're perfectly happy to bump system requirements
> up. Just because people have fast PC's doesn't mean that
> code efficiency should be tossed out of the window.

You seem to be taking regular software logic and trying to apply it to an emulator like MAME. Stop it. That's not good and it doesn't work.

> That isn't the reason that I brought up .kkrieger. It's a
> great example of modern day code optimisation, that's all.

I was just stating why that type of code optimisation is totally unaccepable for MAME.

> So on one side you aren't concerned with MAME running on
> older PC's, yet in another you are concerned that it run on
> older video hardware? Could you be any more ambivalent about
> this?

I'm not being ambivalent, you just didn't get what I said. I didn't mean older video hardware, I meant different video hardware. The latest nVidia and ATI cards are not the same thing and behave differently when given the same tasks. Hence, the same game will look different on two different cards. MAME's approach avoids this, meaning the games look the same on all cards.

This approach does mean MAME doesn't require much of a video card, seeing as all that ends up being rendered is a 2D display. But that's a side-effect of the aim for accuracy, not the main goal. If better accuracy was served by having the latest video hardware, MAME would require the very latest.

> That is an admirable goal, however I doubt that code would
> have to be removed, just altered.

Why are you talking to me about this? I'm no programmer. MAME has its own forum, go over there and tell this to MAMEdev themselves.

> I really couldn't care less about what the future holds for
> MAME, I am only stating my reasons for not using it.

I don't see any real reasons not to use MAME, assuming you have a decent PC. The size of the binary is negligable compared to the size of recent HDs and the size of the ROMsets. The speed seems fine from where I am and faster emulators are only usually available for games that already run at full speed. The accuracy is completely unbeatable (mostly thanks to MAMEdev not subscribing to your thinking) making for the best gaming experience possible.

> The thread will also show that I didn't even bring MAME into the
> discussion, it was just jammed in my face. I seldom even
> play games.

Why didn't you say that earlier instead of getting into this lengthy debate then? If you don't want to continue this, stop posting!

> Code comments don't affect the compiled size.

I'm not the most knowledgeable about this anyway.

> I've already concluded that from your last post. Regardless
> of what you might believe, piracy is piracy. There isn't a
> lesser form of it.

Yes there is. Or are you willing to say the playing Pac-Man on MAME is completely equivalent to downloading and playing the very latest GBA games rather than going out and buying them?

> Now you encourage me to read the MAME forums to see pirates
> scold other pirates for piracy? That's classic.

If you hate pirates so much, why are you even here? This is an emulation site, it's inherantly linked to piracy. Since you seem to hate it so much, why not go to a 'clean' forum?

> No. It isn't. Coming up with a real rebuttal is.

All your base are belong to us.

> I believe that the last NeoRagex binary is a hacked version.
> That isn't even the one that I use. It'd also be easy enough
> to modify MAME to do the same.

No, I was talking about NeoRAGEx version 0.6b, which was the latest official version. I tried it back when I had Windows 98 and it was perfectly willing.

> Besides, there could be other reasons that an emulator
> allows a user to load something outside of its designated
> "OK, less illegal game list". Homebrew software for one.
> Legal ownership of a newer ROM is another.

You'd have more backing if there was some sort of serious homebrew scene for the NeoGeo. Unfortunately, there isn't.

> If MAME accurately emulates the NeoGeo hardware then yes, it
> does. Making a change to MAME's source to include those
> games would be trivial.

Making those changes to MAME's source violates the MAME license. That adds an extra layer of illegality to it all.

> And that makes it more artistic how? You make it sound as if
> the NeoRagex author came at the project with the mindset of
> purposely making it inaccurate.

I believe NeoRAGEx was a two-man project. Anyway, it could hardly be expected to be as accurate a MAME. NeoRAGEx was last updated in 1998. MAME is updated pretty much weekly. That doesn't change things though, NeoRAGEx is still horrendously inaccurate.

> I'd say that it was very extrasensory of you to know that
> I'm on the bleeding edge of software piracy if you weren't
> horribly incorrect.

Do you have difficulties with comprehension or are you just being intentionally dense?

I meant your criticise all piracy equally, placing those who want to play obscure classics from the 80s equal with those who download GBA games mere days after they're released. I don't see them as equal and most people here agree.

> I guess you'd absolutely know then, huh? (I know, cheap shot
> . Couldn't resist.)

You have no chance to survive, make your time. Ha ha ha.

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