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Default Re: What's your favorite emulator(s)?

> I'm not talking about adding hacks, I'm talking about
> optimising code.

The code usually is optimised to a decent degree. Especially if getting full speed on a decent PC isn't possible (AFAIK, some of the really 'heavy' drivers have dynamic recompilers now). But when 1Ghz is already more than enough, there's really not much point. I don't think any of the MAMEdevs have PCs that slow, and not many other people do either.

> See above. You might also want to see this.

It should be noted that .kkreiger gets very unpredictable results on different PCs, or even with different video card drivers on the same PC due to that way that it works. MAMEdev already rejected hardware rendering for that exact reason. Thanks to that, MAME operates very consistantly on different PCs and even on other platforms.

To make MAME smaller, you'd have to start eliminating code. Once you do that, accuracy suffers. The explicit purpose of MAME is to emulate hardware as accurately as possible. Sacraficing it just to get a smaller binary for some whiners would be totally contrary to this. I believe there's also a fair bit of commentary in the drivers to make it more readable so improving the driver is easy.

> Perhaps I misunderstood your original statement, but it
> sounded to me like you were excluding MAME from the "kiddie
> warez" realm while condemning NeoRagex (and other MAME
> variants) to it in your last post. I merely pointed out the
> flaw in that argument.

'Kiddie warez' is generally defined as pirating stuff that is still being actively marketed and sold. Emulation of a game that was only released last week would be a prime example. Watch the MAME forum for a while and see what happens to those sort of people on it.

> Off topic: Sarcasm is quite juvenile and rarely ever a good
> substitute for criticism or debate.

It's good for hammering a point across when you get the impression that the other person just isn't getting it.

> Oh, the hyprocrisy. There are problems with that statement
> if you are comparing MAME with NeoRagex. First off, AFAIK,
> NeoRagex only supports games that are no longer being sold.

Your information is incorrect. While only NeoRAGEx is only designed to run games that were around when it was, the last binary would try to load any game placed in the ROMs folder. If you put Samurai Shodown V Special in there, it'd take a stab it it. MAME would not.

> Secondly, MAME emulates pretty much anything that NeoRagex
> does, so even if there still happens to be any NeoGeo games
> on the market, then MAME is no better than NeoRagex with
> regards to your definition of morality.

As stated above, false. The official MAME binary does not emulate games that are still being sold. The King of Fighters 2002 and Metal Slug 4 made it in specifically because SNK-Playmore stopped selling them.

> You make it sound as if using MAME has some sort of artistic
> value and automatically makes piracy OK while in the same
> breath you deride other emus for the same thing.

It does have artistic value compared to NeoRAGEx. The accuracy is worlds better.

You're the one who can't seem to see any difference between emulating games that are no longer sold, and emulating those that are still actively sold first-hand. The law may not see a difference, but most people with half a brain can.

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