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Default Re: What's your favorite emulator(s)?

> MAME aims for accuracy. That's why it can be a bit slower.
> See those new ultra-accurate NES emulators that require at
> least 1Ghz to run at full speed? Same thing. Sometimes you
> need to trade some speed to get more accuracy. Hacks can
> speed things up, but the MAME FAQ (part M16) puts it best:

I'm not talking about adding hacks, I'm talking about optimising code.

> Not for one that emulates all those different systems. I
> count 810 drivers in total.

See above. You might also want to see this.

> Wow, people who use emulators get ROMs illegally? I never
> knew that! The fact that half of my HD is crammed with
> illegally downloaded ROMs and ISOs never tipped me off!

Perhaps I misunderstood your original statement, but it sounded to me like you were excluding MAME from the "kiddie warez" realm while condemning NeoRagex (and other MAME variants) to it in your last post. I merely pointed out the flaw in that argument.

Off topic: Sarcasm is quite juvenile and rarely ever a good substitute for criticism or debate.

> Illegal is illegal, but it's less immoral if you wait for
> the manufacturers to stop selling products before you move
> in an emulate them. That's what MAME does.

Oh, the hyprocrisy. There are problems with that statement if you are comparing MAME with NeoRagex. First off, AFAIK, NeoRagex only supports games that are no longer being sold. Secondly, MAME emulates pretty much anything that NeoRagex does, so even if there still happens to be any NeoGeo games on the market, then MAME is no better than NeoRagex with regards to your definition of morality.

You make it sound as if using MAME has some sort of artistic value and automatically makes piracy OK while in the same breath you deride other emus for the same thing.


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