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Interesting... Some of that I was aware of, but some of it I was not. A little off topic, but this has piqued my interest a little on the old argument of no Z-coordinate data. If this GTE does this transformation, shouldn't it be calculating a Z-coordinate somewhere for proper placement when the resulting polygon is written to the framebuffer/screen?

I keep reading things all over where perspective correction on a PS1 emulator is "impossible", yet I'm still not entirely convinced I guess that this is the case. Perhaps "improbable", but I find it hard to believe that it would be wholly impossible... although I have no idea what amount of work it would take to even attempt suh a thing.

I guess my real question would then be, if it has no Z-coord. data for proper depth placement, how do they handle that on the PS1? And better yet, how is that transfered/handled when using a 3D API such as D3D/OGL?

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