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> Trying to run 3d
> games with softplugin is not the best idea.

Incorrect, unless you can come up with some kind of compatibility data to back up your claims. With the Playstation there is literally no difference whatsoever between 2D and 3D games - everything is drawn with polygons, there's no 2D mode at all. The video hardware doesn't even get sent polygons with 3D coordinates, the polygons which it draws use only 2D screen coordinates. It is the job of the additional GTE coprocessor to perform 3D transformations upon coordinates - however, the GTE is most assuredly not handled by the video plugin. Furthermore, running Playstation games with software-based rendering, provided you have the CPU horsepower to do so, is literally better than using a plugin that offloads drawing onto your own video card, because certain games that use framebuffer effects - the game can read back its video RAM into main RAM, which is as fast as any other memory access on the Playstation, but this is extremely costly when drawing the polygons with your 3D hardware due to the fact that for every framebuffer read you incur a costly (slow) video card memory -> main memory transaction. With software rendering, the entire framebuffer is kept CPU-side, and as such any framebuffer effects have no slowdown.

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