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> I looooove christmas...

grumble grumble [img]/wwwthreads/images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

> but its an excuse for me to buy things for people i
> like... i love buying things for other people... i dont know why..

You don't need an excuse. In fact having an excuse cheapens the experience.

If you buy someone a gift when they're not expecting it, they're much more grateful, suprised, and appreciative. The fact that you're OBLIGATED to give gifts on Christmas totally destroys all the meaning and experience behind giving gifts.

The only redeeming quality to Christmas is it brings families and friends together. Although even that is ruined by you having to buy gifts in order to be acceptable enough to spend time with them. It's like you have to pay admission. What the fuck is that shit.

Christmas is a pile of steaming dog shit.
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