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Default CrystalBoy 1.3

CrystalBoy is a Game Boy emulator for Windows written in C# that has evaded our attention until now. It has high compatibility, emulates both the classic Game Boy and Game Boy Color, and has a graphical debugger. However, it's still missing sound and has some remaining compatibility issues.

The current version is 1.3 but the downloads page for the emulator only has source code for the initial release. Fortunately, it seems the latest source code is available via a Subversion repository. The changes for 1.3 are as follows:
  • More accurate CPU emulation (according to the tests, all instructions now compute 100% exact… Only HALT and STOP may need reworking)
  • Direct2D render method with SlimDX (March 2011)
  • More accurate graphics emulation (dynamic color palette changes, correct sprite priority emulation)
  • "Perfect" RTC emulation
  • Bugfixes in Mapper emulation (generic mapper bugfixes and some MBCx specific ones)
  • Enhanced various areas dealing with game information
  • Added support for saving the RAM for games with battery (finally !)
  • Saving the RAM also saves the RTC information for games using the RTC
  • UI is now localizable
  • Added fr-FR localization
  • Better detection of invalid plugins, which should prevent crashes.
  • Hardware Type can now be changed using UI (Menu items previously did nothing…)
  • Various chanegs in emulation for hardware type switching. (Quite logically, changing hardware now requires the emulation to be reset)
The binary for the latest version (as well as the source code for the initial release) is available from our CrystalBoy page, while the latest binary and the Subversion repository for the source code is at the official site.
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