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How does one go about finding a job? I stay at shitty jobs for years too long to know. What is your strategy? Why is careerbuilder, and the like, a joke? Fuck staffing agencies.
I've been at the same pretty low paying job for years because the bosses are great and understanding when you are having a bad day. I do know though that a lot of time like the saying goes "It's who you know" that matters more than anything. A good referral is worth it's weight in gold from the right person and is the best way to get even a chance at a good job and an interview where they are looking for how much you know not what you are trying to hide that was falsified on the application.

The other way is to just keep going back over and over to the place you want to work. It seems strange but unless you have a crappy application to them it shows you focus on your goals and are relentless in attaining them "positive action/thinking".
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