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Default Final Fantasy: Eve of Darkness

An adventure is upon us.

In the town of Mir, there stirred a great evil known as Xaroth.
This man is a follower of Zagan, immortal God of Hell.

Xaroth entered the town and preached his word to the people that their savior is coming and they must repent before being judged and ultimately burn in the lake of damnation. They booed him out of town and he cursed the town, their animals and crops died.
He came back a week later and said that the "savior" could help them, but only if they give their unedifying faith to the "savior". A few sought him as a messenger of God, others saw him as a false hope.
The ones who followed him went to his castle. Upon entering it, he cast a curse on all of them bounding their souls to gems. He told them that with their "unedifying faith" that they would gain the ability to never feel hunger or any other mortal virtues again.
One by one, day by day, he sacrificed their souls bound to soul gems to summon the "Four Unstoppable Forces.
With these entities, he'd drain them of their power and ultimately summon Zagan, the God of Hell.
He drains Shinryu, God of Dragons which mutates his very essence into "Dark Shinryu" and starts with the others until you interfere...
When Xaroth senses you enter his castle, he teleports out in a hurry so he can rethink his plans. He knows that his plans will fail if you the heroes that stopped Kefka interfere.
You must stop the "Four Unstoppable Forces" and stop Xaroth from summoning Zagan.
Every enemy is important in some way, shape or form.

This hack contains:
-New Title Screen
-New Spells
-New Spell Animations
-New Lores (Replaced to "Weave")
-New Dialog/Menu Font
-New Item Icons
-New Items
-New Content:
--Hold "B" to run.
--"Annihilated" changed to Owned.
--Physco Cyan fix.
--"Summon" ability now works.
--"Sword Tech" (Changed to Limit) is now sped up.
--Rages renamed to "Blue"
--Controllable Rages (Blue spell after Blue spell)
--Rages are now Alphabetized.
New Characters

Bosses and Enemies in this hack:
Dark Shinryu
Emerald Weapon

War Mech

In order to get this to work you'll need to like always:
1. Download the patch from above.
2. Use Lunar IPS to patch a fresh version of (SNES) "Final Fantasy III US 1.0".
3. Have the .SRM file in the same folder as the patched rom and have the rom corrospond with the same name as the .SRM file.
ie, Eve of Darkness.srm // Eve of Darkness.smc

This hack was a joint effort made by "Zeemis" and "Lord Envoy".

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