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I still use Nesticle upon occassion, if you guys want to know. I don't stick to any one emulator. Compatibility is different between emulators, while some run a lot more games, even some of the more compatible emulators don't run a few games right. Emulation will probably never be perfect.

I'm a ROM hacker, so I use any emulator that has some type of tool. Also, I would use a particular emulator to run on low end machines. For example, Nester (Not the NN or J versions), because it's light weight and runs fast. When I don't want to take up the entire screen, such as Nesticle for example.

I probably use Nestopia least of all. I also use Nintendulator to test code as Nintendulator I think is more accurate as many of the information gathered was from actual hardware. Quietust and Kevin Horton would work for hours testing various things. Nestopia offers better compatibility because of the mappers it supports and the emulator is accurate in most areas as well. I think that there is a difference between accuracy and compatibility.

So I would use the following, for the following reasons.

Nesticle - Pattern table editor, some other viewers, NMI tracer and register dumper, memory dumper. GG support (cheating is a ROM hackers friend)

Nesten - Debugger, palette console, memory dumping, PPU dumping, cheating.

Nintendulator - Code accuracy, program flow logging, memory dumping, VRAM viewing. NSF player with error messages for NSFs with problems.

Nester NN and J versions - For support with devices.

VirtuaNES - Has a cool NSF player with a keyboard that plays as the NSF plays. This can help with picking out notes. VirtuaNES has also been updated quite a bit lately for the ton of dumps that's been coming out lately.

FCEU MOD - Debugger with a lot of functions, memory viewer, memory dumping, support for many mappers for new dumps.

FCEUXD(and others in this line) - Debugger, Hex editor, data logger, VRAM viewer, etc. Really is a great debugging tool. FCEUD was the original debugger by Parasyte.

Nester - Great for running on a lot of low end systems and it's fast. Doesn't support too many mappers though.

Unofficial Nintendulator - In addition to what is already supported, a debugger with a lot of functions. Some functions that the others do not have.

Nestopia - Supports a lot of mappers and many games without too many problems. Great compatibility.

There are more, just can't think of them at the moment. My main point is to not stick to any one single emulator. I don't.

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