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Default Re: I'll "Grapes of Wrath" you!!!

> > Hey don't get me wrong... I take pride in my own writing.
> > Steal? Never. I would never plagerize from another
> resource.
> > Faking or BS? BSing is a great skill, it's a laywer's
> skill.
> >
> That doesn't make it any more right, though. Prower's 100%
> right on this - though, in the instructor's shoes, I
> probably would have at least taken a look at how well the
> paper was composed and the "final" grade (redo or no)
> might've been better than a barely-passing mark.
You can set the act into "right" or "wrong", either way it affects nobody. I know how to get secondary support. In any case I wasn't about to write a paper "pro-grapes-of-wrath", which in this case was exactly what I needed to do to get a better grade. I'm stubborn, it was worth the poor grade to write my own words.

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