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Default Re: I'll "Grapes of Wrath" you!!!

> First off you arn't aware of the assignment. We are to find
> secondary material to "back up" our statements. Your not
> allowed to find quotes just to disagree with them in this
> paper.

Well in that case you must have been aware of the assignment yourself, so why not just have it done the way you're asked to? I don't mean to sound rude or anything, but I know from experience that a lot of people who complain about their teachers do so because they can't understand why not following instructions gets them in trouble ;>

> Also, when at a University level I will not only there by
> choice... but I will be paying my own earned money to be
> there.

That makes no difference, though. What if in university you were given the same assignment, would it suddenly be more wrong to fake sources than it would be in, say, high school? Not really. It'd be about the same, you'd just suffer more consequences as a result :>

> You can call creating your own sources to back up yourself
> "lame", but in reality if she bought my own writing as a
> realistic "professional" secondary source, I would say I did
> a damn good job - peace.

Well, lame is probably a bad word to use, I'll take that one back. Dishonest, though, definitely :> Sorry if I appear to be picking on you or anything, I guess since English is one of the courses I work the hardest in, I find it irritating when people brag about how they're going to steal or fake their way through an assignment ;>


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