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Default Re: I'll "Grapes of Wrath" you!!!

Actually yes, that is cheating, whether you think the "system" is trying to screw you over or not :P You could have easily used secondary support as just a mine for quotes that you could disprove in the essay (as in pull one of the "Steinbeck is a god" quotes as a reference, and then point out your disagreements with that reference). In a university you'd get expelled for creating your own references and quoting them as if they were a lower school you might not, but it's still a pretty lame way of dealing with an assignment :>

> So listen here... I write a fairly decent report on the
> Grapes of Wrath... only problem is that I required a great
> deal of secondary support from published authors, and most
> of my report was disagreeing with the book and explaining my
> thoughts on a weak and desperate attempt for an attention
> grabbing ending. (If you don't know, the story doesn't
> really end... A pregnant girl in the story breast feeds a
> starving elderly man and it's over.) Hope I didn't ruin the
> Grapes of Wrath for you .
> So... where do I get secondary support? Nowhere. All the
> authors that took the time to write about Steinbeck thought
> he was some sort of God. So where do I go to get secondary
> support? Ok this is where the little problem comes in.... I
> got it from a John Steinbeck message board where people
> actually had some negitives. I get the paper back with a "D"
> on it... and a little note saying, "This is the grade you
> WILL get when you redo this paper with real secondary
> support." And so, I asked her; "Where do I get this
> secondary support? It seems to me that every professional
> review, article, and essay doesn't even come close to where
> I'm coming from in this paper." Of course she replies with a
> bitchy, "It's not my problem. You have a week to turn this
> in completed." Now get this... even though I have to REDO
> this ENTIRE paper... I still get the same "D" for my
> original! And of course... I put it off until today... and
> that "next week" she's talking about is... tomorrow.
> Looks like I'm in a bitchy hurry to get this finished. But
> first... I'm thinking some Punchout would do me good right
> now . Long night ahead of me... time that SHOULD be spent
> studying for my Japansese test tomorrow is wasted on this
> biches honors class.
> Sure, she may be preparing us for college in shit. But I can
> say what I mean in my own words without the babble of some
> published asshole saying exactly the same thing as me.
> So I may get in trouble for this, (what else is new), but
> I'm going to make some webpages and create some BS secondary
> support. Cheating? No way. Call it as you will, I already
> got an irreversible "D" on this paper. Therfor, unless I'm
> getting a new grade for a new paper... I'll do whatever the
> hell I want. . peace, Danoz

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