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Default Re: I'll "Grapes of Wrath" you!!!

> English teachers, are, traditionally, PRICKS. That's their
> job. If you live in the USA, you need to know english and
> (yelling at the rest of the readers of my post here) MATH.
> If you get a job at the McDonalds and let the machine tell
> you what change to give...get a freakin grip. Look, Danoz,
> she's looking for some inner reaching ironies and plot
> dealies. Screw her. I'd take the D and tell her you stick
> by your original report. When I was a sophmore in HS, yes,
> I know, a long time by your standards, I read a book for a
> book report that I was guaranteed extra credit for. The
> book was supposedly a college "junior" level reading deal.
> It was called "This Stranger, My Son". It was execellent.
> It was about a mother's problem with a schizophrenic son.
> Ya know what that bastard gave me? A fucking D. And I
> showed it to my Soph english teacher, who told me I hit the
> nail on the head. Guess what? Some of 'em think they're
> better than others.....god, I miss Miss Scarpa....hottest
> English teacher I ever had.
Hell would I like to stick it in here face. Here is the catch, I get a "0%" if I don't turn a new report. Her policy is that she gives no grade for "incomplete" work, and when you do the new work your still fucked with whatever she thought you deserved the first time around.

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