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Default Any body wanna team up for a Hack?

GDAY! any pro Hackers out their wanna Team up to make some Awsome SNES hacks as smc roms that can be ripped onto a snes Cart and played on the snes.

I need a hacker to do all the programing;
I'll make all the sprites, Backgrounds, and level layouts for the hackers to follow.

the game will be a R-type game, since i am a Rtype Fan and love the Rtype games and can beat Rtype 3 in 1 life. (on the snes no hacks)
We'll be using Rtype 3 as a base scince the engine is better optimiseed then Super Rtype. (the graphics are going to be pre-rended (by me)
and the game is going to be insane.
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