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Originally Posted by fts89 View Post
Hm, I've just redownloaded the Patch from this site.

Patching works...but only on two ways:
- If i leave the header on the ROM and patch it with the header Patch.
- If i remove the header and patch it with the headerless Patch.

I guess its supposed to be this way, BUT I cant see any major or minjor changes in the beginning of the game. Makes me doubtful. Anything wrong there?

I hope I wasn't wasting your time guys in case it already had worked the first time, but am still pretty doubtful about that
Wait...what? patched it and it did work? What the heck are we even talking about then? :P Anyway, you probably won't see dramatic changes right off the bat...that patch is more about fixing what was weird about the game, rebalancing difficulty, etc. If you read the readme you should see all about it.

And what about the LttP patch, like MP says? lol
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