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i followed the instructions word for word, but im not able to get this game to work properly.

At first, the intro story text is altered, but vicks and wedge present the same lines from 553 and then you head into Narsche.

5 seconds into Narsche, (where the Mtek armored characters are at a cross roads to be greeted by guards/dogs)) going up, leads to "DK somethingryu"(instant death) and right , emerald weapon (there are pixels of the mtek armor to the middle of the battle field, and the "enemy" is not visable, but your cursor places him in the upper left area of the screen if he was to be visible O.o)

As i said i have followed the instructions to the T , only thing i can think of is, perhaps the original file i patched to is mislabeled, and is not the US 1.0.

Looked pretty cool. Maybe something will turn up.

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