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Default 1964 v1.1

After several years with no updates, the author of this Nintendo 64 emulator for Windows has released the source code for version 1.1. These are the improvements made:
  • Kirby's face doesn't stay smashed in with block-linking set to on in Kirby64 - The Crystal Shards.
  • Loading from a save state would sometimes cause the audio to disappear.
  • LLE RSP audio plugin (1964 audio 2.7). We created a code generator that reverses RSP microcodes to C. The generated C source is provided but we are not currently releasing portions of the code generator that creates the C files (namely Gerrit's DSP opcode source). Fear not, we provided enough for you to build the project.
  • Speed - although running with the RSP LLE audio plugin will slow things down.
  • Plenty of other things I am forgetting since it's been so long.
"Please bear in mind that most of the source has not been touched in over five years. We've become much better developers since then ;) and although there was a lot that we wanted to do with this code..(refactoring, bug fixes, etc), real life takes precedence. This code is still much better than the 0.8.5 source that's out in the public domain today."

Download the source code at the author's website. It'll be later available here.
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