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Originally Posted by stillgrowingup View Post
I'll try that. thanks.

So where do I get the Lemmy plugin?

This is what I'm trying to do, the short story. My house got flooded in sept by Hurrican IKE. I lost every thing. All my console systems, NES, SNES, Gensis, N64, PS2, and GameCube. Not to mention my home computer and DVD player, etc... I'm trying to get my collection back easily as possible. I figured a Computer can do that. Get the Emulators and Roms. There's my console and games. Computer's play DVD's and can play TV with turner cards. And that will be my entertainment center. Merge them all in to 1 and I have my stuff back. So any news and links that can help my achieve this goal, is welcomed. I got the NES, SNES and Gensis fiqured out. Just the N64, PS2 and Gamecube is what I need to fiqured out now.


holy shit dude, my condolences o.o

anyway, unless you have a top of the line PC, you can forget about PS2 emulation and gamecube emulation is too far in its early stages for it to be feasible, just so you know..
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