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Already Cornellius' poll has been answered No a significant number of times. Long-time members who have contributed to emulation like hcs probably don't need this dramatic-step in based on no business concern without Edman's consent. If this is your reasoning it is only to silence the preservance of other members.

This is another factor as well. Am I against this? I suppose you never noticed that, but now I return to my original standpoint. This is up to Edman and those here who do work related to emulation engineering as to whether this main cause is to be half-silenced with the sure desires of only a couple of members. Site update frequency (e.g. not many emulator releases) is also not important as long as it matches the progress that has happened.

All I said is that some division between these kinds of news must be. As the representative of this new idea your oversensitivity to my view tells me to return to my point before.
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