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Originally Posted by Iconoclast View Post
They are still updated often even though emulation hasn't grown any younger.

Even if it wouldn't jumble what this site was created to keep track of from the gaming news posts due to fewer emulator updates it's still inconsistent tracing to the beginning. Whatever source these kinds of news you instantiated came from would have been a long better source; trying to emulate those sources since now could only dishonor. As a very old site choosing to update factual news of evidential emulator releases it's a dramatic change.
I haven't said a word about emulating the sources. Just visit the Zsnes, Snes9x, or any other emulator web pages once per day to see if there's a new version. Of course, to copy news from other emulation sites is wrong. All I've is to add any gaming news to the main page, and keep the emulation news, of course.
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