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Default Re: Slave... Safe Mode... Help?!!

> The floppies failed. Trying to get an ISO, but little luck
> so far. Just installed BitTorrent and found a download.
> 534MB file . . . 12,000MB free on this harddrive . . . The
> program is telling me that there's not enough free space on
> the disk to do the download? Anyone know about this?

What letter is the main drive mounted on? Some things are picky and stupid, and try to use C: automatically. For a quick, but temporary fix for that problem, use "subst" in the command prompt, and use it to make a virtual drive of C:

Just to make it easier, for example, you'd use "subst C: D:/". The "D:/" is the drive you want to mirrior. If that fixes your problem, and you want to make it permanent, try changing the drive letter with the disk management tool.

Just a suggestion, because the same thing happened to me, and it worked, so...

Hope you can get it working.

Edit: Can't guarentee anything on a Win95 machine...

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