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Default Hack test

Hi, this is my hack. It's 10% done out of the whole game and is made for 15+ years or older! If you don't reach the 15 year mark, please DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS HACK!!! This hack is a "joke" hack and was just made 4 days ago (some jokes are lame and will be replaced when finished). The hack ends at South Figaro so if you go beond that town, it will become defult text.

Enjoy <img src=smilies/cwm11.gif>!

Disclaimer: I, User, am not affiliated with Squaresoft, Nintendo or any company based on Earth!!! I will follow guideline when creating this "hack" for Final Fantasy 3/6!

C:Serverxampphtdocszopharoldwwwthrea...n hack 0.1.IPS
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