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Default Re: 65816 Disassembler

D-BOY: certainly a good suggestion, and I have been considering it, though I think generally people disassemble one game at a time. So they ought to know what type of memory mapping it is or else they ain't got no business disassembling it. However, it would be convenient. However, in the case that my program makes a mistake, I would still probably keep the checkbox so users have control over that if they desire.

The filesize I already know. But I don't want to make assumptions. Especially since some roms that have been hack (such as those edited by Hyrule Magic) are of weird and variable sizes. Therefore, making a determination as to whether it is headered seems difficult in the general case. I try to provide as many options as possible.

Jathys: I fixed it so it does what you were referring to. (resetting M and X bits after disassembly.)

If anyone has info about detecting hi-rom versus lo-rom I'm all ears. I once read a few docs on it but they didn't seem to explain it well enough to where I felt safe implementing it in code.
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