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Originally Posted by Sigma X Virus View Post
I guess I have no choice but to edit the script with Notepad, which hangs for a minute everytime I change something big. (and I'm not trusting that either, if this editing has repercussions, I'm screwed) I'll use the program just as a "preview" for how the text fits into the boxes.
If you're dumping it to a text file, how did you plan on reinserting it?

Excuse my noobness, but if I run into a difficult situation with this, I'd be stumped. I just know how to recalculate with automated tools. Do I have to to it by hand with an hex editor?
Recalculating by hand isn't advised, since there's over 3000 strings. I believe Atlas has support for that, though I'm not 100% sure on it. It'll be easy if you know how to use it (which I do not, unfortunately).
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