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Originally Posted by Sigma X Virus View Post
I need to edit the text from the menus and battle screens. Sadly, no FF6 editor changes this.
I don't think any editor will ever change it. The text in the menu is scattered all over bank C3 (open up the FWF table, previously labeled the battle table and take a look). The strings use a format that others may not notice immediately. Before every string are two bytes, which is where in VRAM the string will go (generally, do not edit it unless you know where you want the text to be). After the string is the null terminator, obviously. The text is drawn one of three ways:

LDY #$immedate (pointer to the text! this points to C3/whateverthisLDYholds)
JSR $02F9

LDX #immediate (pointer to pointers to the text! this points to C3/whateverthisLDXholds, then the pointers there point to C3/contentsofpointers)
LDY #immediate (number of strings to write*2)

LDA (whatever, could be anything)
STA $2180 (this could be looped to, could be done multiple times
STZ $2180 (or LDA #$00 STA $2180)

This is generally done when it draws text "on the fly" (such as a character's name) as opposed to hard strings in the rom.

As convoluted as this sounds, it's a pretty simple system. As for battles, that's another matter...

Also the same for the normal out of battle dialogue. I was planning on using Yousei's editor for that, but the bugs in that app are discouraging me.
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