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Talking I'm looking for two NES ROM Hacks...

When I got into emulation in the late 90's to early 2000's, I remember seeing two hacks that you guys hosted on here but they're not hosted on here anymore, maybe someone has 'em to share? I really hope so...

You guys hosted a Duck Tales hack that had adult humor and strong language, and the jokes would make you laugh out loud, at least for me it did. If I remember right the title was called Fuck Tales.

And you guys hosted a Wario's Woods ROM hack called Wario's Wood, the title screen was changed slightly and in the title screen Wario's plane was turned into a moving penis. Birdo had Jizz in her mouth and there was other adult humor in the hack.

I know these are immature hack but they're special to me because back then I always wondered how people did the changes. I hope someone on here has or remembers these hacks.
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