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Originally Posted by the_importer View Post
And yet, you would want to get rid of the music archives? How can you be pro for nostalgia and not be pro for the music archives? That's also are part of the Zophar history. That's 2 contradictions so far, let's not go for 3
I'm pro for nostalgia. My kind of nostalgia didn't involve piracy. I miss the times when I was a staffer. The ambient, the spirit that was here. Then, and now, I could care fucking less about the music archives.

You're not supposed to have music of a game you never bought. So?

Originally Posted by the_importer View Post
And Nintendo wouldn't go after Zophar for hosting old school ROMs for the same reason that they never went after the site for hosting Nintendo music. Like I said before:

-Copyright is copyright, but there are different levels

-Again, has been hosting ROMs for the past 7 years and no big video game companies as EVER asked them to remove ROMs. I say big because some smaller ones such as the Bitmap Brothers did ask them to remove their old games once and Planetemu complied.
Then go post / work in Planetemu... sheesh.

Edman should make a poll on the front page to see if people wanted commercial roms added or not...

If I was in charge (which I'm not and really don't want to be) we wouldn't have music archives. we wouldn't have commercial roms. If you want the archive, get the rom and extract the sounds from it. We supply the tools already. You should get to do the illegal part not us. But since I'm not in charge we'll have to wait for Edman's decision on this. If this gets ahead and ZD ever gets a warning notice, I'll be the first one to say "I told you so".

Mind it we already supply commercial ROMS... WTF. Didn't even notice it.

There you go for all your ******* pleasure.

I'm done discussing this. I already made my point. You made yours. Do what you want to do. As if I fuckin care. ROM Kiddiez will always be ROM Kiddiez.

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