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Originally Posted by Xeon3D View Post
Nope, since the photography itself is not a 1:1 copy of the copyrighted material, in this case, the mona lisa painting. But the music archives are indeed 1:1 copies of the music in the games. This argument of mine can easily be exploited, I know (Example: Then having a 1:1 copy of just the eye in the mona lisa paiting would also be copyright infringement, but maybe it IS...)
Not according to the USA's copyright laws. The Mona Lisa itself is not copyrightable; it is old enough it belongs to the public domain. However, any photograph taken of it is copyrightable by the photographer.

Hence, if you make any duplicate of the photo, you are infringing on its copyright; accuracy has nothing to do with it. Even a photocopy from a really bad photocopy machine is illegal.
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