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Originally Posted by SparroHawc View Post
In the defense of the music archives, there really isn't any marketability for old 8-bit/16-bit tunes. Sure, it's copyrighted material, but so is a photograph of the Mona Lisa. That doesn't mean someone's going to come after you for making a photocopy of the photograph. It has no real value to the creator.
Nope, since the photography itself is not a 1:1 copy of the copyrighted material, in this case, the mona lisa painting. But the music archives are indeed 1:1 copies of the music in the games. This argument of mine can easily be exploited, I know (Example: Then having a 1:1 copy of just the eye in the mona lisa paiting would also be copyright infringement, but maybe it IS...)

Originally Posted by SparroHawc View Post
Similarly, the music in a game is such a small part of the game itself that it could almost fall under the quotation rule - just having the music isn't anywhere close to having the whole copyrighted work. I would be more wary of ripping music from a modern system, especially if the creators might make a CD out of the soundtrack.
Interesting Idea...

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