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Personally, I love the music section; I usually use the music archives to grab the music from a game I own or have played, and listen to the tunes - there's a lot of nostalgia that gets associated with that music.

But if there was an uproar over it, I'd rather see the music section go than ZD as a whole.

In the defense of the music archives, there really isn't any marketability for old 8-bit/16-bit tunes. Sure, it's copyrighted material, but so is a photograph of the Mona Lisa. That doesn't mean someone's going to come after you for making a photocopy of the photograph. It has no real value to the creator.

Similarly, the music in a game is such a small part of the game itself that it could almost fall under the quotation rule - just having the music isn't anywhere close to having the whole copyrighted work. I would be more wary of ripping music from a modern system, especially if the creators might make a CD out of the soundtrack.
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