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You're right, Xeon. I may have not expressed myself quite properly when I wrote "stop piracy". English isn't my native language either, actually that'd be Spanish, just like you (y entiendo perfectamente bien a lo que te referís con lo de "cínicos" :-D ).
Of course we shouldn't, as far as ZD goes, care about what the crap other websites are doing. But I could never help but wonder... How is it possible that so many people cry of "Piracy!" and at the same time the minimum tools and knowledge to prevent it (or at least diminish it) are not as readily available to the public just like the piracy itself is? I'm even starting to suspect there's some kind of economical interest involved in people not being able to legally make backup copies of the soft their own... Currently, the only reliable way to have a dumper of your own is to have an Electronics Engineering PhD or something!
Whatever be the case, I'll be retuning for sure to ZD, as I find it to be the single best community for serious emulation.
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