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Well, I mostly agree on many opinions I've read in this thread so far. ZD should *not* be a place where to find illegal ROMs. There's plenty of other sites for that.
What I come to ZD for is the... ambience, for lack of a better word. I know that here I'll find people who truly love gaming, as I do, and I'll be able to share experiences and in-jokes with them. And hell, maybe download a translation patch, a public domain rom or two, or some technical documentation.
I've asked for this on another thread before, but you know what? To all of you guys who'd like ZD to keep with it's original spirit, and in the meantime help even a little bit to stop piracy, why don't you upload guides to make ROM dumpers for different systems? God knows that if I ever find one, I'd build it ASAP and start dumping all of my carts. Even some crazy HK originals I have that arne't around the inet, just for historical purposes. After all, I'm pretty sure those aren't illegal to have, right?
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