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Default Friend code/Xbox Gamer tag/PSN thread

ok so here we shall start a collection of all of our friend codes and such so that we have a nice organized list so that people here can play each other online.

Rules of the thread:

1. You shall post your FCs, Xbox tags, and PSN "tags" here. I will update this post when I see them.
2. DO NOT try setting up times to play in this thread. You can either do that via PM, IM, or via IRC (best method, IMHO) on @ #zophar.

OK since I have plenty of FCs to give out I'll start


Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin:
Reaper man: 094575091786
9th Sage: 103165095317

Clubhouse Games (42 All-Time Classics in Europe):
Reaper man: 2663-6845-3252

Jump! Ultimate Stars!
9th Sage: 4554 2892 6254

Mario Kart DS:
Reaper man: 300762-546318
mushroom blue: 030219-160516

Starfox Command
9th Sage: 170 498 849 635

Tetris DS:
Reaper man: 545008-552331
mushroom blue: 761186-062331

Worms: Open Warfare 2:
Reaper man: 120372376748

Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
9th Sage: 3093 4988 3200


Reaper Man: 3788 8853 0689 2195
Zophar: 1508 4533 2855 5984
Richter X: 1704-3564-5058-5206

Mario Kart Wii:
Reaper Man: 4511 1353 7341
Zophar: 0903 3449 0295
White Light Brown: 3652-4815-7684
Richter X: 0173-4740-9332

Super Smash Bros Brawl
Reaper Man?: 3093-6730-5729
Richter X: 4425-1597-9387

Xbox 360:

mushroom blue: BubbleWrapPants.
Phlegethonic: Phlegethonic
Red-XIII: WhySoSerious70
Bogard: Bogard07
Maximum Potion: Bottler0cket
jd_9393: jd9393


MagilsugaM: Magilsugam
madridboy86: madridboy86

mmm okie get to posting :3

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