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If you change the values of X, Y, or A in your coding, I'd test the following:
PHX : PHY : PHA <-- start of your coding
PLX : PLY : PLA <--- end of your coding

Do that and find out if you have any improvements. Whenever I have screwy stuff go on when hijacking code, it's because I changed X/Y when they were needed (RTS vs RTL is actually the second most common cause for me).

If that doesn't help...
1) Make sure you're pointing to your own code correctly. Basic stuff, I know, but it's an easy thing to screw up. Are you 100% sure that your code is running?
2) If you know your code's definitely running, comment out everything except for the absolute barebones (ie- the code you replaced with your pointer, if needed, and the RTL).... Does everything still get messed up?
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