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Originally Posted by snesmaster40 View Post
There's two threads about this on and people there seemed to notice things that made it look like the C+D is fake, like for example there's no sig or name from the person that signs the e-mail.

The Crimson Echoes project was suppose to be released at the end of the month so it might be some kind of silly hype/advertising of the hack, but the team are saying it's real.
On Chrono Compendium (the only site who's info on this I think I would trust without much question) the leader of the hack project said that they actually talked to Squeenix and it is indeed a real C+D.

I think that the people who keep saying how it's a fake letter to drum up advertising or some such thing are just wishful thinkers. I mean, it wouldn't even be the first time Square-Enix has done something like this. It isn't like no one has ever hacked Chrono Trigger either (Prophet's Guile being one example). Heck, Temporal Flux makes a lot of things much easier than they would be otherwise.
Just can't wait to bomb some Dodongos.


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