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Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
Nice idea, but it doesn't work. I made this an order in my last company. People don't want it. Never expect people to be active. You have to be an active leader and talk to your team in regular schedules!
I would really like to trust in us being active without having to be reminded of our duties. After all, we all do this voluntarly because we want.
If that's not possible then I hope that this can be done by software. And if we can't be active, we should step down ourselves without having to wait to be demoted by others.

Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
Checking ideas AND implementing? So you expect a full blown web developer to be in the frontline of user expectations? That's a little bit too much.
You won't find anyone doing this for free.
But you can collect all ideas and then all 3 months you make a public survey asking which idea should be implemented.
I merely meant that someone could regularly check the users suggestions, answer questions and discuss how feasible they are. ZD has a lot that can be improved, but it seems all ideas are still in the air. By having one person to check them regularly, discuss them and present them to the users, CMs, moderators and Edman, we basically would be keeping an ordered record of all the possible changes instead of randomly thinking what could be implemented. It's not as if we could currently modify many things without Edman anyway.

Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
Wait a sec...? If the page itself is in danger don't hesitate to ask for a server! Just to avoid such a scenario your team should think about mirroring...
As far as I know, the page itself is not in danger, merely stalled. If I understood correctly, Edman simply has too many problems with his real life company (and I suspect that the current economic crisis doesn't help), which means he essentially has left the page in charge of two administrators (who happen to have limited power to modify things like the forum software) and has forgotten all that he planned before. It's also evident by the fact that he doesn't log-in often since some months ago. Several of the needed updates can only be done by Edman, such as updating the forum software. For the moment, we do what we can with the available resources.
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