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It was harsh to demote all CM but me. But what's done is done, for good or for ill.
Regarding inactive CM, how about this? If content managers do not post or update anything within 60 days since their last contribution, they automatically will lose their CM status. They can re-request it without a problem, but if they do nothing for that period, they automatically get demoted and a new position for CM gets open, no excuses and no exceptions. This would ensure that CMs are active and it would not be something personal. One of the problems before is that there were no rules regarding what a CM should do and what where the conditions to keep that status. If it could be done automatically (that ZD recorded contributions) it would be better. But I assume that won't be possible with the current software of ZD. Then, for those who do not post news but work behind the scenes, could make some kind of monthly report, either in a forum or directly to the administrators, just to ensure that we know they are collaborating.
Cornellius' idea about the suggestions board is quite good. Couldn't it be possible to assign a moderator or CM exclusively for checking that forum and implementing new ideas? Edman had that idea when he put it, but after the economic situation, I doubt he has the time to check that place any longer.
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