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Originally Posted by Ugly Joe View Post
Is it petty? The way I see it, a candidate represents their voters. The candidate's message resonates with their voters. If Obama is elected, he's acting as a mouthpiece for those voters. If I don't like those voters, why would I want to give them a louder voice?
It has been my observation that the most vocal supporters of either party, and indeed the most vocal supporters of just about any thing which can be vocally supported are nutter butter beyond belief. I wouldn't want to be associated with pretentious toolbags (though we're all here, right?) but I'd take them over angry, angry, willfully ignorant secessionists who consider an ethnic sounding middle name grounds for deportation (or worse) if I absolutely had to take one. I don't have to go far out of my way at all to see "Hussein" placed between "Obama" and "Barack" used as some attempt at making a point which really does not exist.
If there is not, in truth, a whole lot of difference between the two candidates in terms of what they'd actually do if elected, definitely I wish more McCain supporters had motives like yours. I'd rather want to punch someone than be afraid that person will punch me first.

Ehhh, although you also mentioned "or an independent," and that's sort of fair, I suppose.
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