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Originally Posted by D-BOY View Post
Voters should vote for whomever they find themselves most in agreement with, or choose not to vote at all. You should be able to stand by your choice and not regret it. If you say, "I just voted for him to keep the other guy from winning," then you kind of missed the point. Only in a system where everyone votes for whoever they most agree with will election results represent the view of the majority.
It's easy to sit back and say that, but I'm actually in that situation. I'd normally vote for the Liberal Democrats, but this area has practically zero chance of actually going Lib Dem. This was a Conservative stronghold until 1997, when it switched to Labour. We're still a Labour area right now, but anything could happen at the next election.

So what now? The Conservative party conference successfully convinced me that they're exactly the sort of people I don't want in power. The Liberal Democrats are my favourite, but Labour is the realistic middle ground. Do I vote idealistically and likely throw my vote away, or vote tactically and stand a chance of making some sort of difference?

If it makes you happy, know that this decision is doing my head in.
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